What Your Peers Have To Say:

I3 Logic
Development Team Lead/Instructional Designer
It is my pleasure to recommend Angie Kaufman for a position within your organization.

At i3Logic, Angie reported to me directly. During that time, she was indispensible to our entire team. She has a singular ability to learn new skills. No matter the task, software, or process, Angie will have it mastered in a matter of hours. She does this independently without complaint or concern, confident in her own problem-solving abilities.

In fact, Angie’s attitude is perhaps more valuable than even her learning ability. She handles deadlines and interpersonal communication with ease. Her sense of positivity is positively infectious!

Her flexibility in quickly shifting gears—writing storyboards and narration one day, doing technical design and development the next—proved crucial on several high-profile projects. With such a broad skillset she provided peace of mind that should any team member need help, I could instantly move her into a supporting role.

She was of course frequently in a lead role, making decisions on her own. Her long tenure in the industry has given her insight into every step of the training development process. I entrusted her with creating documentation for both our clients and our internal processes and she never once let me down.

In summation, Angie is hard-working, honest, and a tremendous gift to any organization. But please, don’t take my word for it! Give her an opportunity and I can assure you that she’ll exceed all of your expectations. She has my whole-hearted recommendation.
— Mark Stackhouse Development Team Lead / Instructional Designer