DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (ZIP 2019)

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (ZIP 2019)


Reasoning Confessions Of A Hazardous Mind".

Logic is likewise preparing to launch his amazing launching novel: GROCERY STORE (Simon & Schuster; Publication Date: March 26, 2019). That's not the only writing he's been doing. While his new album doesn't yet have a release date, Reasoning's debut novel comes out next week. Supermarket, a dark thriller, strikes shelves March 26. In March, Reasoning released Supermarket, a soundtrack that accompanied his NYT best-selling novel of the same title. The first single from American rap artist Logic's upcoming album 'Confessions of a Hazardous Mind' gets here together with an emotive and extremely bloody video.

Just days after announcing his brand-new album 'Confessions of a Hazardous Mind', Young Sinatra releases his brand-new title track and a music video for it. Reasoning's sixth studio album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, will functions as a followup to Young Sinatra IV and Bobby Tarantino II from in 2015. According to the aforementioned video, the album is slated to get here soon.

6 months after the release of Reasoning's fifth studio album YSIV, he instantly returned to deal with preparing for his sixth album Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. The expressive rap artist released a new tune in kind of a trailer (March 19) for the new album through Twitter specifying, I composed this one in blood." It was exhilarating to view as the 4 minute and forty-four second visual gave a preview of Reasoning rapping his confessions away as he slowly bleeds from a deep injury on his neck. There is no official release date for the brand-new album, but we're certain it's coming soon.

Logic had actually shared the tune previously today in a video he published to Twitter, though he did not define its title. In the clip, he raps to the video camera and brandishes a gun as blood gushes down his shirt and snowflakes swirl around him. The video closed with a main statement of the record and its title, though it left out the album's release date.

Logic and Eminem have actually come together for a collaboration. Titled 'Murder', the collective track will be out this Friday, May 3. Reasoning's new album 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind', is on the rap artist and the horizon chose to bless us with a partnership with Eminem. Another track titled 'Keanu Reeves' from the album and the title track are already out.

Reasoning has been keeping himself hectic given that his last 2 jobs, YSIV, and Bobby Tarantino II dropped in 2018. Now after preparing for the release of his debut book "Supermarket," which is slated for release on March 26, the 29-year-old is preparing his upcoming job Confessions Of An Unsafe Mind and unveiled a new single in support of the soundscape.

Somebody who has actually always had the ability to put out strong messages in hip-hop, Def Jam's Logic, launched a new single from an upcoming album, Confessions of an Unsafe Mind. The title track is a heavy outpour of all of the insecurities that the rapper has actually been handling over the past year. At the end of the video, the album gets announced to be his 6th studio album.

Logic has taken to Twitter to announce that his sixth studio album is coming soon. Reasoning is about to drop his launching novel, but he's already making moves for his next musical release. The Def Jam artist has revealed a new album titled Confessions Of A Harmful Mind. The video then finds Logic rapping the tune in front of a green screen, as he is slowly covered in more and more blood. Press play above to examine it out.

6 months after the release of YSIV, Reasoning is preparing his 6th studio album Confessions of a Harmful Mind. On Friday, May 3, Reasoning will launch "Murder," the first single off his upcoming fifth album, Confessions of an Unsafe Mind. Respected Grammy-nominated rap artist Logic gets incredibly reflective on Confessions of an Unsafe Mind," his 2nd single of 2019.

Called, Confessions Of A Hazardous Mind, Reasoning delivered the news by means of social media earlier today. The accompanying video sees the artist singing into the electronic camera as he soon starts to bleed from his neck. By the end of the clip, Reasoning is totally drenched in his own blood. Up until now this single is unnamed, however is more than likely to appear on the upcoming task which is expected to land at some point later this year. Keep it locked here for details.

Watch Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" music video by Reasoning listed below. The trailer ends by announcing that Confessions of a Harmful Mind is coming quickly." The album marks the follow-up to September's YSIV, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Maryland rap artist Reasoning today announced that his 6th studio album entitled Confessions of an Unsafe Mind will drop this Friday. This comes a week after the MC dropped a single with the world-renown Eminem called Homicide. With today's statement, Young Sinatra also dropped the artwork for the project.

Coming off 2 full-length releases in 2018-- Bobby Tarantino II and Young Sinatra IV-- Logic continues pressing out new material at a furious pace. At this time, there is no details about the Confessions of a Hazardous Mind album release, but earlier today Reasoning released an unforeseen new book called Supermarket together with an album of new music as a soundtrack The book is published under his birth name, Bobby Hall, and the music veers toward rock.

The rap artist required to social media on Tuesday, 19 March 2019, to reveal a teaser of his most current single and title-track from his extremely prepared for album Confessions Of A Harmful Mind, which was launched today, 22 March 2019. The rap artist made the statement on Twitter in a video which showed a single shot of him singing the song. Reasoning is set to launch a brand-new LP as he drops a new single titled 'Confessions Of A Harmful Mind'. The rap artist made the statement through a video he revealed on Twitter that features a single shot of him singing an unnamed song, which probably will feature on the LP.

Top of the year, Reasoning released a one-off single, Keanu Reeves". Reasoning's debut novel, Grocery store is arranged to strike shelves next Friday. Reasoning titles this track Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. Do let us understand what you think of Confessions of a Harmful Mind" single by Reasoning in the comments listed below. Share this short article with your good friends and spread out the recommendation.

Once again with his upcoming album Confessions of a Harmful Mind, last year's Soundset headliner Logic is gearing up to blow us away. Over the weekend he dropped the title track, and it's an outright bop. Along with the release of the title track, Logic published a video that revealed the presence of this job. The track is a playground for Logic and Eminem to display their quick circulations. Due to the speed that they're rapping, the title Murder" seems to be a reference to how their words come out like bullets from a weapon.

The title track of his new album. The rap artist has not verified the release date of his upcoming album and the track list is still unidentified. Aside from Logic's announcement of new music, he also has his launching book, Supermarket publishing on March 26th, 2019. It'll be offered in Paperback, Audiobook, and Kindle. Dangerous Mind is the official follow-up to Reasoning's September 2018 studio record YSIV. This year, the Maryland rap artist has shared the singles Keanu Reeves," Confessions of a Harmful Mind," and Homicide" (featuring Eminem). He likewise launched the soundtrack to Grocery store, his debut book.

In the music video, the rap artist spits the song in the middle of blood gushing out of a huge slash in his neck. Reasoning discuss his fight with depression, gripes with social media, and the unfavorable remarks that permeate about his appearance or skill. He discusses how people never ever will put him on top with rap artists like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

Unusually enough, as Reasoning's amassed more attention throughout the world and used his newfound impact to spread the sort of socially conscious content that many seek to their idols for-- see hit 2017 tune 1-800-273-8255," an Alessia Cara and Khali helped ode to the National Suicide Avoidance Lifeline, for an example-- more individuals seem to have turned their backs on him. Browse the web, and it won't take long for you to find somebody implicating Logic of being too corny, a pauper's J. Cole, or simply an uninteresting artist. Whether it's just a by-product of his status as a chart-topping artist-- you 'd be difficult pressed to find popular rap artists who do not have a legion of individuals on the internet dedicated to tearing them down-- or reasonable grievances. It appears that Logic can never ever capture a break no matter what he releases.

The "Everybody Dies" rap artist's bloody teaser track works as the first look into the album's vibe, accompanying a haunting new video where Logic is seen bleeding out from a neck injury as he raps, smokes and loads a weapon. The track, which prompts listeners to put their "ego on the shelf," is a lyrical experience that comments on substance abuse, suicide, anxiety, and the expectation from others that mess up one's self-confidence.

Reasoning's fans have actually been dealt with to a number of surprises in current weeks. After launching the very first single off his upcoming album early in January 2019, he surprised fans with the release of a guitar-driven soundtrack to accompany his new novel, Grocery store." As if it wasn't enough to shock fans with an entire new sound on this surprise soundtrack, Reasoning likewise launched another single from the upcoming album together with a music video for it.